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皮卡丘 X 卡卡西 (精靈寶可夢/火影忍者)
Pikachu X Kakashi (Pokémon/Naruto)


Naruto Characters And Their Perfect Pokemon Partner

Imagining your favorite Naruto characters with a Pokemon partner is a lot of fun, and here are our picks for the best pairings.
Kids who were born in the 90s and had an interest in anime likely grew up watching Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, and then Naruto. All of them filled kids with excitement that turned into nostalgia as they aged and grew into adults.
Fans love speculating about what Pokemon fictional characters would capture and battle with. With Naruto, it’s interesting to think about what Pokemon these beloved characters would want as their partner. Let’s now take a look at the perfect Pokemon partners for specific Naruto characters.
Avoiding spoilers for Naruto, the ideal of Orochimaru training a snake Pokemon is pretty fitting and a choice that would eventually come full circle. The Pokemon franchise has a handful of snake Pokemon, but none exude the energy and evil vibes that Orochimaru does quite like Arbok. The Poison-type cobra has the ability called Intimidate, which makes sense considering Orochimaru has the same effect on people based on the reputation he made for himself. He’d likely have his Arbok poison and immobilize both Pokemon and humans for his experiments.
Shikamaru happens to be much more talented and capable than his lazy exterior would lead people to believe. He considers himself a coward, but that’s an entirely correct assessment considering he has a strong moral compass and is dedicated to his friends beyond belief. Greninja happens to be a Water and Dark-type Pokemon based on ninjas, so it’d make sense for it to be paired with the greatest fighter in Naruto, but having Shikamaru train and bond with it would thematically help him understand his full potential.
As a kid, Obito was proud and focused on wanting to do right by his village. He has a just heart and would go out of his way to perform good deeds for the elderly and those in need. All he ever wanted was to be acknowledged, a byproduct of Obito growing up with no parents.
It would make sense then that he’d find affection via Arcanine, a Fire-type canine/feline hybrid. It’s unclear how his relationship with his Pokemon would change when the death of a loved one changes him completely, but before that point, it’d likely be a perfect pairing.
Growing up as a more than capable fighter who was often referred to as the “”ultimate weapon”” it’s safe to assume that Gaara would search for a Pokemon partner that was just as capable as he was. Scizor not only looks the part, but the Bug and Steel-type as an astounding physical attack base stat. It makes sense that a kid who ever really knew himself as a weapon would capture and raise a Pokemon who’s also likely never seen as anything more than a tool for destruction. Their bond would help each of them feel loved and appreciated.
There’s a commonly shared notion that dogs tend to look similar to their owners. It’s a remarkable thing that becomes a lot more believable with the more evidence that is viewed. It may seem weird to pair Jiraiya with Braviary, a Pokemon that resembles him quite shockingly, but that hasn’t stopped people from owning dogs that resemble them in some manner. It would make sense that a hermit-like Jiraiya would prefer to own a Flying-type bird Pokemon that could act as surveillance for him as it navigates the skies above.
Sakura is one of the more interesting characters in Naruto as she becomes a different character than the one that viewers initially meet. She is introduced as a kind and bashful girl who lacks self-confidence and ends up growing into a capable and talented fighter who rises the ranks. There’s no particular reason why the Grass-type starter Pokemon middle evolution known as Ivysaur is her perfect Pokemon partner, but the two just seem to fit together like separate puzzle pieces coming together to form a complete picture.
On the surface pairing Charizard with Itachi might seem odd. The former is a difficult and hard-headed Pokemon to train and the latter is an insightful and humble person. Itachi’s surprising maturity for his age and ability to adapt to any situation makes him the ideal trainer for a Pokemon like Charizard.
He’ll likely figure out how to best serve both Charizard and his interests and understand that building a relationship with Charizard is worth all of the difficulty and headaches it takes to build a truly loyal bond with one another.
Kakashi has always presented himself as an independent person who knows who he is and what he wants. In the world of Pokemon, this would likely mean that when he decided who his Pokemon partner would be he’d likely choose a less common creature that isn’t owned by that many people. Absol, the Disaster Pokemon, is a Dark-type creature that not only fits his assumed criteria but has a design that matches his iconic look. The two would always be the coolest looking pair of trainer and Pokemon in any given room.
Sasuke happens to be one of the more tragic characters in Naruto and he’d likely opt for a Pokemon like Houndoom. The Dark and Fire-type is very menacing in terms of appearance and has an aura about it that feels very similar to the energy that revenge gives off. Sasuke is a character fueled and guided by revenge and stopped at nothing to accomplish it. He’d also develop a deep bond with his Pokemon for fear of losing it like he did many of the other people he held near and dear to him at an early age.
It may be considered boring to pair Naruto with Pikachu as its placing the world’s most popular Pokemon alongside the main character of the anime. The pairing makes sense when considering who and what Naruto represents. He’s a wildcard who is often considered outside of the box and unorthodox in his actions and words. Pikachu can be difficult to train and they require a strong trainer with a real sense of persistence to get the most out of them. Naruto may hate his Pikachu at first, but the two would likely build an inseparable bond.

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10 Naruto Characters Reimagined As Pokémon Trainers

Naruto and Pokémon are two of the most recognizable anime in the world. One follows a young ninja’s quest to become Hokage, while the other centers around catching and training monsters to be the very best. If the worlds of Naruto and Pokémon were to collide, what would it look like?
Ninja would be running around battling with their Pokémon companions, Pokémon would provide assistance on secret missions, and Team Rocket might even join forces with the Akatsuki. The possibilities are endless with so many unique ninja and Pokémon to team up with. Here are your favorite Naruto characters reimagined as Pokémon trainers in ten amazing works of fan art.
Gaara’s Desert Team
As the Kazekage of the Sand Village and talented wielder of sand, it’s clear that Gaara’s team would consist of all Pokémon found in the desert. Therefore, this stunning fan art by @lnmdavrefia1925 on Tumblr depicts Gaara with three sandy ground-types, two cacti, and a mighty Tyranitar.
Tyranitar has the ability to whip up raging sandstorms, which has perfect synergy with not only Gaara’s own control over sand but also the rest of his team. By nature, the ground-types, Flygon, Marowak, and Palossand, all thrive in the midst of sandstorms while their opponents suffer the rough conditions. The two cacti, Cacturne and Maractus, help cover the team’s water-type weakness.
Twin Leaders
Tumblr artist @velvvetcat09 points out the strong resemblance between one Hokage and one Gym leader in this extremely accurate fan art. Minato, Konohagakure’s Fourth Hokage, and Volkner, Sinnoh’s strongest Gym Leader, have a lot more in common than just their blonde hairstyle.
Volkner specializes in electric-type Pokémon like his trusty Raichu and Luxray, while Minato gets his famous nickname, “”Yellow Flash,”” from his ability to move at lightning speed. Because of this, it makes sense for Minato to be an electric-type master like Volkner while consisting of the speediest electric Pokémon like Jolteon and Mega Manectric.
Sakura & Eevee
Sakura reimagined as a Pokémon trainer could go in many different directions depending on which trait to follow. She could have a team of deceptively cute Pokémon with monstrous strength like Bewear, a team of flowery Pokémon like the cherry blossom Cherrim, or a team of pink healers like Chansey.
Shino’s Bug Team
The first thing anyone thinks of when they see Shino is his love for insects and how they assist him in combat. He’s even a host for his little bug friends who literally live inside his body. So it only makes sense for Shino to have a full team of bug Pokémon.
With two butterflies in Vivillon and Butterfree, two poisonous bugs in Venonat and Venipede, a destructive Pineco, and a haunting Shedninja, Shino’s team is equally as spine-chilling as him.
Painting With Sai And Smeargle
In addition to traveling the region and battling other Pokémon, some trainers will opt to spend time bonding with their beloved Pokémon companions in different ways. Some trainers enter their Pokémon in pageant-like contests, some enjoy eating curry with their Pokémon, and others engage in their favorite hobbies with their Pokémon.
Sasuke’s Edgy Team
Sasuke was the rogue ninja who left his village in search of something greater than the life he had been living. This is not so different from young Pokémon trainers who leave their hometown to embark on a journey of fulfillment and strength.
The Copycat Ninja And His Copycat
When the eighth generation of Pokémon arrived with Sword & Shield, fans were blown away by the newest additions to the Pokedex. For example, one of the Galar Region’s starters, Scorbunny, is not only an adorable bunny but also the pre-evolution of a masked ninja bunny named Raboot.
Puppet Trainer Kankuro
As a ninja of Sunagakure, Kankuro’s specialty jutsu utilizes puppets to fight for him, controlled through strings of chakra. He eventually became a skilled enough puppeteer to control multiple puppets at the same time–a feat that would be useful in a Pokémon double battle.
Gentle Fist Duo
With the all-seeing Byakugan from the Hyuga Clan, Hinata has the ability to sense and see chakra in ways that most ninja cannot. She is able to not only sense the presence of chakra from extreme distances but also see and stop her opponent’s flow of chakra with gentle taps. In many ways, this is similar to the fighting Pokémon, Riolu.
The Frog And Toad Ninja
After spending time training with Jiraiya, Naruto learned how to summon an assortment of toads from scrolls to assist him in battle. He even gained access to Sage Mode after intense training with the toads. However, if Naruto were a Pokémon trainer, he would definitely team up with another amphibian ninja, Greninja, as pictured in his vibrant drawing by Ashaisha on DeviantArt.

Source: https://www.cbr.com/naruto-characters-reimagined-pokemon-trainers-fanart/ 

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