Mike Wazowski

makes by m8s

lilM8 3D Printer



Filament – Green
Difficulty – Seasoned
Time – 6 hours
Height – 12 cm
Weight – 45 g
Supports – 1
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About the model

About the creator

This is not our intellectual property. This is Fan art created by @PatrickFanart. Not for resale or making a profit.

Notes from Creator:

Date published 03/04/2020
Dimensions 99.32mm x 99.32mm x 100mm


Ten Things You May Not Know About Mike Wazowski
1. Mike Wazowski may be one of the most beloved (and funniest) characters in Monsters, Inc., but amazingly, he almost didn’t make the cut. While work on the script began in 1996, it wasn’t until April of 1998 that development artist Ricky Nierva drew a concept sketch of a curious looking one-eyed monster. Fortunately, everyone liked it, and a quick storyboard test proved that Mike would make a good companion to Sulley.

2. Mike Wazowski has a single eye as we all know (“That’s Wazowski…with one “I”!), but in early concept sketches he was also intended to be armless. Mike was to have manipulated objects with his feet, but that proved to be too challenging to animate, so he was given arms.

3. Back when Pixar was developing Toy Story, Billy Crystal was approached to provide the voice for Buzz Lightyear. He turned down the job, but quickly regretted his decision and vowed to never let that happen again. When he was approached again to appear in Monsters, Inc. he leaped at the chance.

4. For his performance, Billy Crystal was nominated for “Favorite Voice in an Animated Movie” at the Kid’s Choice Awards in 2002. (The award went to Eddie Murphy for his role in Shrek.)

5. Billy Crystal also appeared in Howl’s Moving Castle, a 2004 Japanese animated film that was distributed in North America by Walt Disney Pictures. The film grossed $231.7 million worldwide, making it one of the most financially successful Japanese films in history. For its North American release, the film was dubbed into English by Pixar’s Peter Docter, the director of Monsters, Inc. as well as Up. Billy Crystal was chosen to perform the part of Calcifer, the fire demon.

6. Mike Wazowski also starred in the Pixar short, Mike’s New Car. The sequence was originally planned as a scene in the film but was instead spun off as a short film. It was the first Pixar short to have dialogue, as well as the first to feature characters from a previous Pixar film. Though not shown in the original theatrical release of Monsters, Inc. (the short for the theatrical run was For the Birds), it was included on the 2002 DVD and VHS release of the film.

7. Mike Wazowski of course went on to become quite a popular character. Eagle-eyed fans can spot his cameo appearances in Finding Nemo, Cars, WALL-E, and Toy Story 3.

8. How popular? According to Empire Magazine’s The 50 Best Animated Movie Characters, Mike Wazowski is #23. That’s better than his pal Sulley (who didn’t make the cut), and Mickey Mouse, who came in at number 50. However, the Disney/Pixar nod goes to Woody, who took second place in honors.

9. Mike Wazowski was renamed “Robert” (or “Bob” for short) in the French overdub of Monsters, Inc. C’est la vie!

10. The trailer for the Monsters, Inc. prequel, Monsters University, was shown in many theaters with Brave.
There were four versions of the trailer, each featuring Mike saying a different line in his sleep: “My pony made the dean’s list,” “I can’t go to class, I’m not wearing any clothes,” “My homework ate my dog,” and “Class President – ha, ha, ha, ha.


Personality of Mike Wazowski

“In Monsters, Inc. Mike and Sulley are at each other’s throats sometimes; however, it is usually Mike who gets annoyed by Sulley first. He is funny, smart, brave, but can sometimes fail to see the obvious in a situation. He’s also a very caring and dedicated friend.

In Monsters University, Mike was vaguely the same but, due to youth, had the richer determination and planed to become a Scarer in MU’s prestigious Scaring Program. As a child, he’d been overlooked for being smaller than everyone but was inspired by Scarer Frank McCay to become one himself. With hard work and studying, he was accepted into MU and confidently strove to succeed.

However, his determination to prove he had what it takes led him to join the Oozma Kappa fraternity as a last-minute resort to enter the Scare Games. But because Mike cared more about his goals than the fraternity, his recklessness and lack of cooperation almost cost them losing the first round of the Scare Games, and it was only by the Jaws Theta Chi’s cheating they were permitted to stay in the Games. After his team’s humiliation by the hands of Roar Omega Roar and seeing his team losing their spirit, Mike took them to Monsters Inc. to inspire them and started training them, showing immense skill and potential in coaching. With Mike’s hard work, the team progressed through the rounds; Mike also became appreciative of his team.

Unfortunately, Mike’s shame of not being scary came back to affect him following the games’ conclusion, where, determined to prove everyone wrong, Mike stole a key into the door lab and entered the human world to scare a child, only to realize the hard way, that Sulley had been right when the children aren’t scared of him at all.

When Sulley comes through to find him, Mike expresses his sadness, stating he thought if wanted it enough he could prove he was something special and accused Sulley of not understanding him whereupon Sulley admitted his faults and, to Mike’s shock, Sulley admitted he acted scary because he was terrified of the expectations he would have to live up to.

As Sulley pointed out, Mike’s greatest strength is his fearlessness, despite not being scary himself. So much that even Dean Hardscrabble was impressed by Mike’s hard work, and had encouraged them, particularly Mike, to keep surprising others and wishing them luck. Thanks to his perseverance, Mike was able to get him and Sulley their dream of being a Scare Team after a period of hard work.

Mike is a spherical green-skinned monster with a single emerald green eye. He has slender arms and legs, both with claws, but he has four fingers on each hand and three toes on each foot. On his head is a pair of short horns with dark gray tips, and a mouth with jagged teeth. His eye and mouth take up the majority of his body. At work, he wears a blue Monsters, Inc. helmet. He also has a large contact lens that he places in his single eye.”


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