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小梅(龍貓) Mei Kusakabe(My Neighbor Totoro)

All About Mei Kusakabe
Mei Kusakabe is the 4-year-old protagonist little sister of Satsuki in My Neighbor Totoro and the daughter of Tatsuo Kusakabe and Yasuko Kusakabe. She is incredibly lively and active as well as rather curious. Personality and Bio Mei is the younger sister of Satsuki in My Neighbor Totoro. In the film, she is very energetic and bright, but she can be a pest to Satsuki. In the film Mei Kusakabe is the little sister of Satsuki Kusakabe and daughter of Tatsuo Kusakabe and Yasuko Kusakabe (who has Tuberculosis in hospital). She was born in Tokyo in May 1954. She is the first seen when aboard the moving van along with her sister Satsuki and her father Tatsuo Kusakabe. She is eating her caramel while the family passes the rice fields in the village. But she says the first line “Wait” and lift by her father and looks a stream over the bridge but both Girls running straight to the new house, But Mei happy meet Totoro and does so by falling down a hole in a tree root after following smaller totoros excitedly. Mei isn’t the least bit scared of the new creature she has found even when it opens its huge mouth to yawn. Instead, she just opens her mouth back. Mei does have a caring side and decides to go to the hospital from the field with the sweet corn she picked from Granny’s garden. Beforehand, she got into an argument with Satsuki when she found out that their mother won’t yet return from the hospital that ended with Mei bursting into tears. However, she ends up getting lost on the way. Later she finds Konta and Satsuki, the latter reveals to her that their mother is not coming and Mei gets very upset. Characteristic Mei Kusakabe is 4 years old. In the Streamline dub, she is 5. She has sandy brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. She wears a white puffy blouse with a bright pink dress (as a present for her birthday and bought from a shop) and sunshine yellow shoes and white bloomers, and carries a yellow bag. At the end of the film, she wears a carnation pink dress. Mei also wears a sunshine yellow night dress at night and a sky blue night dress at night in the sequel. Personality Mei is really cute, stubborn, caring, and incredibly curious. She can be a very naughty pest like many 4-year-old’s are. Behind the Voices Mei Kusakabe is voiced by Chika Sakamoto in Seiyu, Cheryl Chase in Streamline dub, and later Elle Fanning in Disney Dub. Relationships • Satsuki Kusakabe a 10-year-old preteen girl who works in school • Tatsuo Kusakabe a father of two, and a husband • Yasuko Kusakabe a mother of two who is sick in the film Quotes • Wait • You’re Totoro! • —Mei to Totoro • It’s falling! Trivia Mei is the origin of May on Japanese. 

10 Things That Don't Make Sense About My Neighbor Totoro
Despite being a timeless classic Studio Ghibli film, nothing is without its flaws. Here are 10 things that make no sense about My Neighbor Totoro. 1. The Kids Think Rotting Wood Is Cool When the children arrive at their new house, they seem excited about everything. They run around and eventually come across rotting wood on the patio. Miraculously, it is still standing, and the children decide to test their luck by playing with a piece of the rotting wood. This was a dangerous move, as the wood above them could have easily come crashing down on top of them, but it’s also odd that anyone would consider a gross piece of wood to be a source of entertainment. 2. There Is Zero Parent Supervision Although Satsuki is safely at school, Mei is either being watched by Granny or by her father. Granny can barely control Mei, as Mei tends to run off or get moody if her family isn’t around. On the other hand, her father focuses his attention on work and allows his daughter to run around outside. Mei runs off by herself, and the father doesn’t even realize she was gone until Satsuki returns from school and asks him where Mei is. 3. Spirits Can Only Be Seen When They Want To Be Satsuki and Mei’s father tells them that spirits can only be seen when they want to be seen. However, this statement doesn’t hold up. Mei notices a smaller version of Totoro and gives chase to it. The spirit doesn’t seem to like it particularly, yet it decides to disappear for a few seconds before reappearing again briefly. The father’s logic made no sense for Mei to see Totoro, as it wasn’t very likely that he wanted to be seen since he was too busy taking a nap. 4. The Cat Bus The existence of the Cat Bus raises a lot of questions. There’s no explanation why it acts as transportation or where it comes from, and, strangely, it can stretch the entrance on the side of its body to act as a door. It even has furry seats on its back, and its eyes glow like lights. Although the design doesn’t make much logical sense, most people can recognize it’s a creative character even if they have only seen the film once. 5. Totoro Flies On A Top Despite having such a large body and tiny feet, Totoro can balance top of a top with ease. The top is small compared to him, even smaller than the children, yet it seems to support their combined weight effortlessly. Additionally, the top has the ability to fly. By using the top, Totoro can take the children and the other spirits far enough that the houses beneath them look like little ants. It doesn’t make much sense, but the scene is definitely still whimsical. 6. The Father Doesn’t See The Tree Growing Right Next To Him After planting the acorns that they received from Totoro, Satsuki and Mei wake up in the middle of the night to see him and two smaller spirits dancing around the area the acorns were planted in. They join in on the dancing, and the plants start to grow into one big tree that towers over their house rapidly. While the tree is growing, the father is too busy working to notice. Even though the children are loud, he doesn’t bother to look to the side until long after the tree finished growing. 7. Stepping In Front Of A Moving Vehicle When frantically searching for her missing sister, Satsuki decides to run to the hospital on foot. On the way there, she intentionally moves directly in front of a vehicle, forcing the driver to stomp on the breaks to avoid hitting her. This was severely irresponsible of her regardless of the circumstances, as she could have easily waved or called for their attention on the side of the road. Even though it was a close call, Satsuki doesn’t seem worried about what could have happened at all. 8. Satsuki Doesn’t Immediately Ask Totoro For Help Upon realizing that her sister ran off by herself to visit their mother at the hospital, she doesn’t stop considering that maybe she should ask for help from the magical spirit. Totoro has shown off his ability to fly and grow plants rapidly, so it would make sense that he has ways to find Mei faster than ordinary humans could. Satsuki spends the entire day searching for her with the help of the people who lived in the area, but she could have saved so much precious time if she’d gone to Totoro sooner. 9. Granny Was Accused Of Getting Carried Away When Granny saw a child’s slipper in the middle of the lake, making assumes it might be Mei’s. She gathers many people who start to search through the water for any sign of her. Still, when Satsuki arrives and confirms that the slipper does not belong to Mei, everyone visibly relaxes, and someone mentions that Granny got carried away. However, her response wasn’t unreasonable, and many people would do the same thing in the same situation. 10. The Father Believes Everything His Children Tell Him Whenever Satsuki and Mei tell their father about something or someplace fantastical that they saw, their father immediately believes them, even if the children can never come up with any proof. He seems to accept everything so quickly, and astonishingly, he doesn’t bat an eye after finally noticing the giant tree that suddenly appeared in his backyard with his children sitting at the very top of it. When his wife tells them that she saw their children in the tree outside of her hospital room, they share a quaint laugh and don’t seem fazed by the information at all. 

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