Elven Archer

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This is not our intellectual property. This is Fan art created by @iczfirz. Not for resale or making a profit.

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Date published 06/01/2021
Dimensions 0mm x 0mm x 0mm
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Elven Archer
“Anyone who has ever ventured into a forest undoubtedly has come under the scrutiny of an elven archer. Masters of stealth, elven archers are adept at assessing threats to their woodland homes—and at using deadly marksmanship, when necessary, to keep them safe. Elven archers similarly protect travelers who respect their forests’ majesty; to those who abuse nature, though, elven archers quickly deal painful lessons.

Although elven archers respect and safeguard nature, they leave veneration of it to druids and rangers. Instead, they honor the forest-bound spirits of their ancestors and elven-archer forebears by communing with them each morning. This communion grants elven archers access to divine spells; in turn, elven archers use their abilities to protect their homelands.

To elven archers, protecting their homes is more complicated than guarding them from intruders. Indeed, elven archers often can be found far from their ancestral lands, hunting specific foes or skirmishing with evil races to temper their destructive powers.

Role: Elven archers are adept at quickly dealing with single foes. They have mastered some ranger skills and, if necessary, can fill that role in a group. Elven archers excel at hit-and-run tactics; they are skilled at briefly skirmishing with large groups, disappearing, and later returning strategically to strike again. In groups of less-stealthy characters, elven archers can defend weaker members, including arcane casters. In addition, elven archers’ precise marksmanship skills provide excellent ranged support for melee fighters.”

Interesting Facts About Elf Archer

“Elf Archer is a fan-favorite character on Goblin Slayer, so there are some things everybody should know about her.
The High Elf Archer is one of the main party members in Goblin Slayer and one of the characters who experience quite a bit of growth as the series has gone on. Much of her stubbornness and hot-headed nature remains the same, but she opens herself up to new horizons, even bonding with the party over time.

It’s what makes her one of the better characters, her arc regarding her sister and the conversation they have during it shows just how much she grows throughout seven volumes. That development gives her plenty of interesting facts to dig into.

1. She Can’t Fire Arrows While Dodging
Her talent with a bow is strong, being able to hit foes from great distances, even adding an arch to her shots. Given her age, it’s a wonder how long that talent took to cultivate.
Unfortunately, she hasn’t yet managed to master bow combat while on the move. She’s more of a long-range sniper than the type of archer you’d see in D&D, strange considering the similarities the show has with the game. She isn’t able to fire arrows and dodge at the same time, something her sister is capable of.

2. Sensitive Over Her Looks
It’s strange to think about when you consider how renowned her looks are across the land, even by high elf standards. She’s extremely beautiful, a fact that’s come into play on many occasions in their travels.
Male gazes are often drawn to her, wanting to see her beauty with their own eyes. On the other hand, she feels like she has one major flaw, her smaller bust. She’s extremely sensitive to it, often flying off the handle if it’s ever mentioned.

3. Low Tolerance For Alcohol
Alcohol tolerance isn’t a strength for the young archer. This, at times, can be an issue when one of her closest companions is a dwarf, despite how the two of them argue as if they were married.
If you’re going to hang around a dwarf, no matter the median, you’ll need to be able to at least marginally hold your booze. In her case, drinking too much brings out even more of her short-temper, making her one of those confrontational drunks you see at bars.

4. Feels Adventures Are Meant To Be Fun
Her view on adventures differs greatly from the Goblin Slayer. For him, there is no whimsicalness, nor is there any fun. It’s only about exterminating the menace that is the goblins.
She has different ideas however, being a little naive on how the world works. She has a romanticized view on them due to that naivety. She pictures them more like the grand adventures you’d get as the hero of a JRPG while Goblin Slayer is more rooted in something similar to Dark Souls.

5. Strong Friendship To Dwarf Shaman
As mentioned earlier, the two of them are close friends, even if at times she doesn’t want to admit it due to the tensions between the two races cultures.
She argues with him almost endlessly, yet, he’s saved her on a few occasions, most notably when some goblins had pinned her to the ground, ready to treat her as a prisoner. Their relationship feels similar to that of Gimli and Legolas, only with the elf being the grumpier of the two this time.

6. Hopelessly Stubborn
Much of her stubbornness is born from her youth and lack of experience in the field. The fact she’s an elf may play a little into it as well, seeing how she always feels her way is right. It goes beyond that though.
When fighting the Dark Elf, she continued to pepper him with arrows again and again despite knowing he was using magic that made him impervious to such attacks. She doesn’t quite handle being proven wrong very well.

7. Willing To Stick By Her Friends
Considering her race, this entails more than just fighting side by side with them, even if she is more than willing to do that. No, what makes her loyalty so unique is that she knows that they will all die before she does, particularly Goblin Slayer, but she doesn’t care about that.
The time she spends with them, even if it’s just slaying goblins is worth the feeling of loss. This is summed up beautifully when she borrows dwarf shaman’s quote about hangovers and quotes it back at her sister.

8. Feelings Towards Goblin Slayer
Her feelings towards him are a mixed bag, at first being highly annoyed by him, and appalled by what he called adventures. She grows to respect him however, slowly understanding why he is the way he is. While she still doesn’t agree with all of his tactics, she does care about him.

The scene in the town when the villagers are berating him, she goes out of her way to nuzzle up to him, even holding his hand, is a good example of that. She never wants him to feel like an outcast, fully understanding how important his work is.”

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