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Difficulty: Easy
Time (h): 5.5
Weight (g): 44
Supports: Some

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About the model

About the Creator

This is not our intellectual property. This is Fan art created by UKCD . Not for resale or making a profit.



A Brief Word About Hexasphericon
The Sphericon family is a group of Paradoxical Solids —three-dimensional figures with geometrical characteristics that seem self-contradictory— constructed by cutting a solid of revolution in half and rejoining it at a 90º turn.

We believe human sensibility and intelligence have made sense of the universe and its knowledge through art and science, that’s how we know things around us are ruled by laws bigger than the common perception.

The Sphericon is a shape discovered not long ago. The Englishman Colin J. Roberts was one of the first people who studied it and was amazed by its unique properties: like the fact that its center of gravity always remains at the same height above the floor on which it rolls and the unexpected and entertaining path that it creates while it is moving from side to side, touching the floor with all its surface.

The Hexasphericon is created with a solid of revolution from a hexagon; it also has one continuous surface and two discontinuous edges.

Source: https://www.mattercollection.com/the-hexasphericon 

Types of HexaSphericons
There are three types of HexaSphericons, derived from a Hexagon (hence the Greek prefix Hexa). However, within these types, there are different variants, with different properties. For example, Point Type and Edge Type are chiral, meaning there are left-handed and right-handed versions. The Point Type HexaSphericon can roll infinitely, like a sphere, but the Edge Type HexaSphericon can only roll a fixed distance. The Hybrid HexaSphericon has two distinctly different variants, and interestingly it has both the ability to roll an infinite length (in a loop), and a finite length.

1. Point Type

• Revolution of a hexagon on its line of point symmetry.

• Infinite Straight line Rolling. (like a sphere)

• Chiral. (left and right versions)

2. Edge Type

• Revolution of a hexagon on its line of edge symmetry.

• Finite Straight Line Rolling. (like a sphere, which only can roll a fixed distance)

• Chiral. (left and right versions)

3. Hybrid

• A combination of Point Type and Edge Type.

• Finite rolling and continuous loop rolling properties. Note: **Loop rolling means it follows a path, which ends where it starts, similar to a cone. It does not roll in a straight line like the Point Type.

• Two different, distinct versions.

Source: https://altdynamic.com/shop/the-hexasphericon-point-type 

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